Undoubtedly, sales of medical marijuana and CBD products are on the rise. Forbes projected a 55% growth rate in 2019. It seems like everyone has their hands in the honey pot. With such rapid growth comes seemingly limitless opportunities in CBD Extraction. So how can you get your piece of the projected $1BILLION market? CDB Training Academy offers live seminars as well as on-line courses to get you certified in CBD Extraction and sales. ACS Lab Cannabis is proud to partner with the CBD Training Academy, offering expert training in CBD testing.


On May 29th, 2019, CBD Training Academy will offer an exciting, comprehensive seminar at the Pala Casino Spa & Resort, held just one day before the Concentration 2019 Expo in Pala, CA. This premier certification is highly regarded in the industry. Anyone considering a venture in CBD extracts can take advantage of many successful experts offering expert advice from within their field, all under one roof. Certificate of Completion is awarded after completing the modules and passing a short online quiz. The seminar covers topics such as extraction methods and equipment, clinical studies, post-extraction refining, industry regulations, business development, and more.



Jonathan Brown of ACS Lab Cannabis will be educating attendees on the importance of third-party testing of CBD extracts and products. ACS Lab provides testing for hundreds of CBD clients from all over the country. They are actually the largest Cannabis and CBD testing facility in the Southeastern United States. Located just south of Tampa, FL, their 20,000 square foot laboratory is dedicated to providing state of the art testing beyond industry requirements, and with constant improvements in their methods. They are dedicated to producing highly accurate, reproducible reports testing CBD and Cannabis potency, terpenes, micronutrients, flavonoids, moisture content, pathogens, heavy metals and more, all at competitive rates, and with stellar customer service.

As the Director of Business Development at ACS Lab Cannabis, Mr. Brown offers a unique perspective on the safety of CBD products. He is dedicated to authentic, comprehensive testing to ensure his customers and the consumers are getting the safest products available. He and his lab team believe in transparency, and by making these analytical reports available to consumers simply by scanning a QR code on the product, they hope to make consumers more aware of the safety of the products they buy.


ACS Lab Cannabis is truly dedicated to the success of their customer base and the industry’s growth. They are currently offering a free test of the first sample in your CBD extract batch for a Comparable Certificate of Analysis, if you reference the CBD Training Academy.

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ACS Lab Cannabis is passionate about increasing awareness of both the benefits of CBD and Cannabis and the safety of consumer products. They believe that third party testing is essential to authenticating a clean product. Additionally, ACS Lab’s data analysis is being used to help shape regulations on the CBD, Hemp and Cannabis industry put forth in 2019. Keep checking and future blogs for the latest news in third-party cannabis testing.


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