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How to Read a CoA (Certificate of ANALYSIS)

  1. HOW TO READ a CoA Presented by Joseph Jeffries Client Success Consultant, ACS Laboratory

  2. TODAY’S AGENDA Who is ACS Laboratory? Hemp & Cannabis Labeling Issues What is a CoA? Review a CoA, Section by Section CoA Red Flags, Spotting a Fake Audience Q&A

  3. WHO IS ACS LABORATORY? Founded in 2008 Largest in Eastern US In-House SOP Development Exceeding Natl’ & State Requirements Awarded 21 Emerald Test Badges National Leaders In Certifications

  4. HEMP & CANNABIS LABELING ISSUES JAMA study found 70% of products misrepresented potency Over 20% contained unmentioned THC There’s a lack of education. The industry is infantile. There’s a lack of testing.

  5. WHAT IS A CoA? CoA | Certificate of Analysis Analytical Report of Product Content from an Independent Laboratory Safety & Potency Verification Includes All Performed Tests Proof of Product Compliance Provides Consumers with Confidence & Transparency

  6. HOW TO READ a CoA

  7. READING THE HEADER Determines the Relevance of Data Includes Lab Info to Verify Credentials Shows Company That Contracted Testing Batch Number & Description Matching Product QR Code to Verify Authenticity 2 3 1 4 5 6

  8. READING THE SUMMARY RESULTS Lists & Summarizes All Tests Performed Quick Overview of Safety / Compliance Results Breakdown of Common Cannabinoid Potencies Alludes to Quality of Product

  9. READING THE POTENCY RESULTS Cannabinoids & Terpenes Only Not Pass/Fail Results Exact Compounds and Concentrations RESULT: How Many mg of Each Analyte Per Gram or mL of Product Presented as a % of Material LOQ: “Limit of Quantification” Lowest Accurately Measurable Blank Results Signify No Significant Quantities of Analytes

  10. READING THE CONTAMINANT RESULTS Safety Testing for Harmful Contaminants Action Levels Established by Florida Dept. of Health Heavy Metals, Residual Solvents, Pesticides and Mycotoxins All Have Established Action Levels Microbiology is Presence/Absence Pass/Fail System 1ppm = 1mg/kg 1bbp = 1µg/kg

  11. READING THE REPORT FOOTER Legitimizes the CoA Shows Lab Stands Behind Results Includes Lab Contact Information Displays Lab License Number Principal Scientist’s Signoff ACS Laboratory CoAs CLIA ID Number Lab Toxicologist Signoff

  12. CoA RED FLAGS SPOTTING A FAKE Lack of Contaminant Testing Failed Contaminant Testing (possibly remediated) Missing Common Cannabinoids No Laboratory Certifications Noncompliant THC Levels THC/CBD >10% Variance of Claim Less Terpene Content than Claimed

  13. QUESTIONS Joseph Jeffries joseph.jeffries@acslabcannabis.com (561) 320-3276 ACSLabCannabis.com


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