Delivery of Samples

ACS Laboratory prides itself on it’s industry-tested cannabis, CBD & hemp courier system of safety and compliance as it pertains to the transportation of marijuana and marijuana products. We understand the sensitive nature of handling and delivering high-value inventory, as well as the inherent risk of transporting product from grow facilities to our testing lab. Safety, security and compliance are at the core of our transport protocol. You can relax knowing that your product is safe with ACS Laboratory.

Delivery of Samples For Testing

The staff at ACS Laboratory understands the economic impact of impending test results. A time lapse in the testing process can be detrimental, so we strive to produce results as quickly as possible.

Fleet Tracking Technology

ACS Laboratory prides itself on its extensive use of modern transportation technology. Our fleet of cargo vans are equipped in vehicle Wi-Fi, global positioning systems, and hands-free speaking options to ensure that our drivers can make important decisions without jeopardizing the security of your goods.


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