Industrial Hemp Testing

industrial hemp samples in test tubes


ISO 17025 accredited | DEA registered | PJLA certified | CLIA accredited

testing soil before planting hemp

before planting

ACS tests soil and water for common toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides, and microbial agents. Testing early ensures that you can correct errors before accidentally planting a contaminated batch.

before harvest

ACS tests seedlings for contaminants, micronutrients, and cannabinoids like THC to ensure that they contain less than the legal limit of 0.3%. Vegetative analysis saves time, enabling more rapid product development.

harvested industrial hemp

Compliant Testing

ACS is compliant with the Federal and Florida-state level regulations that require hemp growers test THC levels 15 days before harvest. We also test hemp after harvest to confirm potency and safety.


As hemp plants grow, they can draw in elements from the soil or water, which may contain heavy metals and other chemical agents. If left unchecked, these plants may become contaminated products. The best way to guarantee a safe product and peace of mind is to test before planting. Luckily if your soil is contaminated, you can scrape or treat it to inactivate the metal contamination and reduce the pH level. But the only way to fix the problem is to diagnose it first. At ACS Laboratory, we work with growers to guarantee that their soil is safe.

Recommended Pre-Planting Tests

How accurate are pre-planting test results?

ACS Laboratory was awarded 14 Emerald Badge Test badges in Spring 2019, several of those were for accurate, consistent and proficient heavy metal testing, pesticide screening, and microbial tests. Our methods are tried and proven.



Now that you know the soil is clean, you’ll want to be sure that your hemp plant is free of harmful pesticides, contains the cannabinoid profile you expect, and full of nutrients to ensure healthy growth and development. You also need to be sure that the budding plant contains less than 0.3% THC for legal purposes. 

In Florida, growers are required to use seeds from a certified supplier based on the desired potency, however the resulting flower may still contain a different cannabinoid profile, color, smell or density than you expect.

Recommended Vegetative Tests





Why do I need vegetative testing before harvest?

Vegetative potency and safety tests allows you to analyze plants early in their life-cycles to discover potential issues and make corrections before it’s too late. For instance, issues that can affect a potency include the time of year, planting conditions, chemical exposure, and environmental stress. Through vegetative potency testing, you can identify and correct the conditions to guarantee a healthy and compliant crop.




According to state and federal guidelines, you’ll need to submit a hemp sample for THC potency testing 15 days before harvest to prove that it contains less than the legal limit of 0.3% THC. The samples must be sent to a DEA-registered designated lab. ACS Laboratory meets all requirements and is the only in-state lab designated by the Florida Department of Agriculture.

Does ACS offer R&D tests also?

At ACS Laboratory, we conduct R+D testing in addition to compliance testinging. R+ D is intended for manufacturers and cultivators who want to improve the process of creating Industrial Hemp products. R&D tests are conducted using the same protocols as compliance tests. The only difference is that an R&D test result does not need to be reported to the state, as compliance tests do.



ACS Laboratory is a leading provider of innovative hemp testing technologies and methodologies. We perform Soil to Oil testing to help your company stay compliant and trust that your HEMP is safe for use.

We provide comprehensive, award-winning services you can rely on.

COA: Along with your results, you’ll receive the print and digital Certificate of Analysis (COA) with QR code as proof that your results are final and accurate.




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