Moisture Content/Water Activity

Moisture can be extremely detrimental to the quality of stored cannabis products. Dried cannabis typically has a moisture content of 10-12%. A moisture content above 12% is prone to mold growth. The moisture content of a variety of cannabis samples should be measured using performance balances and heaters.

NOTE: If you believe you’ve already detected mold, it may be advisable to forego this test and submit your samples for  a microbiology and mold test first. Please call us at (813) 634-4529 if you have any questions about which analysis you should be ordering.


MATRIX: Flowers/Plants, Derivative Products and Edibles
ANALYTES: Moisture Analyzer


MATRIX: Flowers/Plants, Derivative Products and Edibles
ANALYTES: Water Activity Meter

Measuring the water activity in a cannabis product is an important way to test how vulnerable the product is to microbial contamination. 

The higher the measured water activity is in a product, the more freely water can be used by microbes as a food source or to support chemical and enzymatic reactions leading to spoilage.