Moisture Content/Water Activity

Hemp and cannabis plants need water to grow and thrive and yet your final products must be stripped of most moisture in order to guarantee safety. Over moisturization can occur as a result of overwatering, high humidity or an ineffective curing process. This is especially a risk for plants that grow outside, which are more susceptible to environmental conditions. You’ll need to test your post-harvest hemp for water activity and moisture content because these are key factors that can indicate risk for microbial contamination. 


Plants with moisture levels above 12% are at risk for fungi, mold, bacteria, and insects, which can make your plants unsuitable for extraction and unsafe for ingestion. Unfortunately, mold can be difficult to spot before it spreads. That means it’s vital to monitor your plant throughout its lifecycle and test it immediately after harvest.

NOTE: If you believe your product contains mold already, you may want to forego this test and submit samples for microbiology and mold testing first. Please call us at (813) 634-4529 if you have any questions about which test to order.


Currently there are no federal standards related to moisture and water activity testing for cannabis because marijuana is still federally banned. The federal government is however, investigating Hemp CBD related to plant and product safety. In the interim, we adhere to industry standard best practices when testing for allowable water and moisture limits.

At a state level in Florida, there are no specific limits on moisture content in hemp or cannabis. However Florida’s proposed hemp CBD program does require testing for pathogens like mold and mildew, which occur as a result of over moisturization and high water activity. Thus the only way to know your product will pass final compliance tests is to submit your samples for analysis as early as possible.

What We Test

 We test the following cannabis and hemp products for moisture content.
cannabis bud flower


cannabis wax extract


cannabis edibles


What We Test FOR

Water Activity and Moisture tests include the quantitative detection of the following.
water moisture


water activity in cannabis



At ACS, we use a moisture analyzer and AquaLab 4TE water activity meter to determine the water percentage by weight in your cannabis product. We’ve received 21 Emerald Test Badges for testing accuracy, which includes water activity and microbial pathogens. We are an ISO 17025 Accredited lab and compliant with Florida’s Hemp Program requirements.


The process to submit a sample of your flower or product is easy. Plus, if you’re in Florida, you can request our courier service from anywhere in the state. Simply request your test and we’ll review the submission process with you or arrange to collect a sample right away.