Nano Testing


ACS tests nanotechnology cannabis consumables with an award-winning methodology. Using Ultra High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) with ultraviolet detection, we deliver reliable cannabinoid and terpene profiling. We currently test nano products for 20 common cannabinoids as well as 38 terpenes and 15 flavonoids to accurately profile the product’s flavor, fragrance and therapeutic effects.

We test for:

  • CBD
  • CBD-A
  • CBD-V
  • CBG
  • CBG-A
  • Δ9-THC
  • Δ8-THC
  • THCA-A
  • THC-V
  • +11 more

Terpene Potency

  • Limonene 
  • Linalool 
  • Humulene 
  • Pinene 
  • Myrcene 
  • Guaiol 
  • Ocimene 
  • Bisabolol 
  • Nerol 
  • +29 more

Flavonoid Potency

  • Apigenin
  • Baicalin
  • Beta Sitosterol
  • Cannflavin A
  • Cannflavin B
  • Cannflavin C
  • Chrysin
  • Fisetin
  • Kaempferol
  • +6 mor

Contaminant Testing:

ACS tests nano products for pesticides and contaminants that could be dangerous upon ingestion or through penetration of the skin. We know the most common toxins and the maximum levels that are safe for human use. Through reliable contaminant testing with ACS, cannabis companies can be sure their products are retail-ready and safe to use.


Am I required by law to test for all of the above contaminants?

By law, all consumer products must be tested as safe for human use before being sold. That’s why ACS follows federal guidelines and Florida’s requirements for potency, residual solvents, pesticides, microbial matter, mycotoxins and heavy metals testing.

Compliance & Beyond:

Beyond Compliance

At ACS, we test hemp and cannabis nano products to identify cannabinoid concentration as well as potential sources of contamination. But we don’t stop there. We tailor our testing approach to a particular product on hand. In addition to potency and safety testing, we also recommend the following tests for nanotechnology cannabis products.

Terpenes are aromatic organic compounds that hold their own therapeutic benefits and work with cannabinoids to maximize overall therapeutic effects. When brands know what terpene concentration levels are in their products, they can educate consumers on the product’s unique benefits and aroma. 

Flavonoids are responsible for bright, non-green pigments in cannabis that also synergistically produce an array of therapeutic benefits. ACS is one of the only laboratories capable of testing these compounds, giving brands a key advantage in marketing their products.

Shelf life & stability determines the ideal number of days the product remains stable based on recommended storage conditions. While shelf life testing is not legally required, consumable products must print an expiration date on the label. And the most accurate way to get that information is through a verified shelf life analysis.

ACS Advanced Testing Services:

ACS Laboratory is a leading provider of full panel cannabis testing and methodologies. ACS customers receive a print and digital Certificate of Analysis (COA) containing a photo of the product and a QR code for every product tested as proof that the results are final and accurate. 

example certificate of analysis (CoA)

Why test with ACS?

  • Accurate results within 3-5 days.
  • In 2019 and 2020, ACS won a total of 42 Emerald Test Badges — more than any other laboratory in the Eastern U.S. — and is ranked in the top 5% in the country. 
  • Our scientists continuously enhance and develop methods, procedures and protocols. 


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