Vitamin E Acetate

detection of vitamin e acetate in vape products

More than a thousand people across the US have reported lung-related illnesses related to vaping and 34 people have died. According to the CDC, most cases were associated with illicit THC products, but e-cigarettes and other vaping products were also to blame.  While the exact source of vape contamination is still under investigation, vitamin E acetate was found in nearly half of all samples that the FDA tested.


MATRIX: Vape Oils 
ANALYTES: Vitamin E Acetate

In vapes, vitamin E acetate is a cheap thinning agent used to dilute or thicken the THC or CBD substance, which enhances its usage in cartridges As of the latest health outbreak, it is considered a major contaminant to your product and a threat to customer safety. Your customers want to be sure that their vape product is 100% vitamin E acetate-free.


We test vapes for vitamin E acetate using the liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry LC/MS/MS method. We extract the cannabis sample using a clean solvent, then quantify the precise levels of potency using this standard testing protocol.

We deliver precise results within 2-5 days.



Vitamin E acetate is safe and in-demand for use in nutritional supplements or in cosmetics, for example, but when heated and inhaled it is dangerous to lung function. In the context of vapes, vitamin E acetate puts customers at risk for major respiratory illnesses like difficulty breathing, lung damage, laryngitis, bronchitis and even death. 


Currently there are no federal standards related to vitamin E acetate testing for hemp or cannabis. At a state level in Florida, vitamin E acetate also does not make the list of required contaminants–yet. But while states and the federal government continue to investigate, you want to be sure that your product is safe. Moreover, your customers want proof that their vape product does not contain this potentially harmful cutting agent.

How to submit a sample for testing

The process to submit a sample of your flower or product is easy. Plus, if you live in Florida, you can request our courier service from anywhere in the state. Simply request your test and we’ll review the submission process or arrange to collect a sample right away.


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