Hemp Sample Collection

researchers taking samples from hemp plants


ACS is Florida’s largest in-state DEA licensed laboratory designated by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to provide sample collection and testing services.

Florida’s Only DEA licensed In-State Laboratory

Florida’s hemp farmers are required by law to enlist state-approved laboratories for sample collection and potency testing. ACS is the largest in-state laboratory to receive this designation.

Strict Quality Protocols

ACS is well versed in Florida’s protocols for hemp clippings. Our field samplers bring all required materials, and ensure your hemp is safely transported to our in-state laboratory.


As a Florida laboratory, we guarantee your samples will arrive at our facility the same day of collection. We treat all Hemp Clippings clients as VIP, as we realize the urgency of the potency results.

Work with Florida’s LARGEST In-State Designated Lab

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) does not allow farmers to clip their own samples for testing. Instead, they must enlist approved third-party laboratories to conduct this task. Through ACS’s designation as the largest DEA-registered hemp testing laboratory in Florida, we can collect hemp samples, transport them to our facility, and offer a full suite of hemp analyses including the mandated THC potency requirement. We also test for common contaminants, including pesticides, heavy metals, molds, and bacteria.

Are my results reported to the state?

Under Florida law, laboratories must report all mandated THC tests to the FDACS to prove the plot contains less than 0.3% THC. However, R&D tests including contaminant analyses will not be reported.

Trust in Our Experience & Protocols

ACS is a DEA-licensed laboratory with 10 years of clinical testing experience. We are well-versed in FDACS’s sample collection guidelines and we guarantee swift, compliant results.

How does it work?

First, our experienced field samplers will assess your land and lot designations. Then, we’ll clip samples based on your lot numbers and number of certified hemp seed varieties. We’ll bring sanitized tools and equipment, and we’ll safely package your hemp without risk of cross-contamination. Finally, we’ll carefully transport your samples in a temperature controlled cooler to ensure they stay fresh on the way to our in-state laboratory.



As a Florida based laboratory, we can easily drive to any farm in the state, collect samples, and safely drive them directly back to our facility the same-day. We set you up in our secure customer portal. You are notified of your test  results and they are published in the portal. We’re available to review your results over the phone as well.

What if my samples fail the mandated THC tests?

If your sample tests above the legal THC limit, you have options. You may work with ACS to retest samples from the same lot. If the test shows similar results, you will submit samples to the FDACS laboratory for final testing.

What else do I need to know?

Did you know in order to be in compliance, you MUST notify the Florida Department of Agriculture no less than 30 days prior to harvest?

You may email: DPIHemp@FDACS.gov or call 1-888-397-1517

Why work with ACS?

  • We provide accurate results.
  • In 2019, we won more Emerald Test Badges than any other laboratory in the eastern USA.
  • Our in-house scientific team continuously enhances methods, procedures and protocols.
  • Transparency and consistency is what we take pride in


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