Accurate determination of cannabinoid concentrations in cannabis and CBD samples is one of the important components of cannabis & CBD testing.  ACS determines 16 different cannabinoids and quantifies the level to a specific amount.  Our Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatographs deliver the highest accuracy that end users can depend on.


Terpenes are produced in trichromes (where THC is produced) and give cannabis its distinctive flavor and aroma. Terpenes also act as essential, medicinal hydrocarbon building blocks, influencing the overall homeopathic effect. From the pine odor of pinene to the citrus-like smell of limonene, the characterization of terpenes and their synergistic effect with cannabinoids is reliably identified in the spectral library terpene analysis to meet terpene profiling needs. 


Residual solvents are leftover chemicals from the process used to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant. The solvents are evaporated to prepare high-concentration oils and waxes. Sometimes, the evaporation process does not remove all of the solvent. Since these solvents are not safe for human consumption, it is important to verify their absence so you can guarantee you are providing a safe, chemical-free product.


Pesticides are used in commercial cannabis grow operations to kill insects and spiders that thrive on cannabis plants. Pesticides are carcinogenic and mutagenic, causing serious harm to cannabis consumers, especially immuno-compromised medicinal cannabis users. ACS offers the most sensitive and comprehensive pesticide screening and confirmation available utilizing Ultra High Performance (UPLC) Liquid Chromatograph-Tandem Mass Spectrometry (MS/MS). Offering excellent sensitivity and throughput, the ultra-low detection limits provided by ACS proprietary methodology make this technique ideal for the analysis of pesticides commonly employed during cannabis cultivation.


Moisture can be extremely detrimental to the quality of stored cannabis products. Dried cannabis typically has a moisture content of 10-12%. A moisture content above 12% is prone to mold growth. The moisture content of a variety of cannabis samples should be measured using performance balances and heaters.


Similar conditions for growth of cannabis are ideal for the germination of microorganisms and bacteria. If cannabis is not tested properly, it may contain contaminants that are harmful for human consumption. These contaminants can lead to serious illness and health complications. Whether a client wants to test cannabis by traditional plate count growth or by qPCR(Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction) technology or by UPLC MS/MS, ACS provides accurate results of quality that the end user can depend on.

Heavy Metal Screening

Cannabis collects heavy metals. It absorbs heavy metals from the soil, water and air. ICPMS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry) testing is the gold standard. These toxic elements can be passed from the plant to the consumer and pose serious health risks. Screening for heavy metals assures the end user will have a safe and confident product. ACS can detect heavy metals at a very low level of concentration ensuring safety to the end user.

Flavonoids Testing

Flavonoids are phytonutrients most important for plant pigments, flower coloration, taste, smell and overall sensory experience. They are a high level of nutrients and are found in many common foods consumed today. They contribute to growth of cannabis as well as provide other health advantages and an overall sensory experience.

Micronutrient Testing

Plants extract from the air, water and soil many elements essential for nutrition and growth. Micronutrients are mineral elements consumed in trace amounts, as compared to macronutrients that are needed in larger amounts, that are essential for robust growth and health. ACS measures the micronutrient levels of cannabis to determine the cannabis plants nutrient balances in the cultivation process to ensure a healthy robust plant.

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The Emerald Test™ is an Inter-Laboratory Comparison and Proficiency Test (ILC/PT) program for cannabis testing facilities. It brings to the cannabis industry a well-established standard for testing found in the environmental, food, pharmaceutical, water, and petrochemical testing industries. Through the participation of labs around the world, the ILC/PT helps establish an industry benchmark for cannabis testing.

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The ACS team continues to grow as the scope of our services expand to meet the ever changing needs of the cannabis, CBD and hemp industry. Our in house dedicated scientific team is continuously developing new technology, refining current methods, procedures and protocols. ACS’s 17,500 square foot state of the art laboratory is located just south of Tampa FL and is the focal point of quality, reproducible and dependable testing and reporting.

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